Meetings are essential for clear communication

We have different meetings. One is the design meeting, where we discuss all essential changes such as new characters, new sets, special effects. A few days prior to the location shoot we have a breakdown meeting, where I meet the people who will be handling props, costume & make-up, my assistant is present and some one from the location hunting and the Director of Photography.

During this meeting we start from breakdown sheets we prepared each for our section and we run through all the scenes in one day. So that ‘s 200 pages of screenplay we analyze and discuss.  What will the prop look like ? What will they be wearing, should there be blood, sweat & tears? Do they look tired, happy, etcetera. All this is based on what the screenplays says should be happening of course. Do we need special lighting conditions, will we need rain, is it night? Do we need the cars? Do we need to see messages on screen of computers, phones? Anything and everything will be discussed.

Everything we do not plan, will come to haunt us during the shoot.

Meeting basis: a breakdownpage from Screenwriter2000We also try to find ways to make things work on set. Whether there will be a fight, a chase or an accident of some kind, we have to get it in the very limited amount of time we have.

All this is listed on different pages.