2. On Location, shooting 5 scenes part 1

So here you have it day one of the location shoot. A Monday and we shot 5 scenes. 3 before lunch and 2 after lunch. Two and three actors present and a few extras. As I said yesterday: simple goes a long way.  A small local café and some heavy handed dialogue.

Up at 6 am (I was awake at 5) A heavy day of shooting the SOAP. Here is the story. As usual we got lost on the way to the set. Walter had to check the road map: 7:45 am. I keep calm and relaxed. 

Walter looks at the local map.

Finding the way to the location (no GPS)

They can’t start without me so… I can never be late. And the production assistant on set has a ground plan. So he can brief the technicians.

When we finally get on set (just in time @ 8:02)…

our Location:

A Café and the Sound van.

Café Welcome!

Sound equipment in front of the café

Let there be light. More light. (Fiat Lux @ 8:15)

 …they’re busy putting up lights and dressing the set. Here is a secret: I never paper anymore. I have my shooting plans on my Ipad. I wish there were more places with free wifi! (whole day long)

Camera dolly & light

Setting up camera, dolly and light

Soup of the day

Bonne Apetit!

Here they are discussing set dressing and mechanics. Do we need a glass of beer, whisky or wine? Read the screenplay! (@ 11:00)  Can we please have a rehearsal ?  Sure go ahead, here’s an actor. Let’s do another set up and a travel, change the light. Hurry. Or not: we’re on schedule. @ 12:00

@ 1 pm lunch break: soup, salad and tiramisu. Do I see some glasses of wine and beer ? Not yet…

@ 2 pm. back on the job ! Another set up, and a deal is made. Or not ?

@ 2:30 pm Extras have arrived, getting into character. 


Extras have arrived

@ 3:30 reverse angle @ 4:00 Dirk & Daan do a rehearsal of the next scene.

Daan & Dirk rehearsal on set

An Actor prepares

@ 17:00  Last shot of the day, the extras want to know what’s going on between Eddy and Bob. Will they fight over a crate of beer? 

And it’s a wrap. Get on the train back home

@18:00. And getting ready for  tomorrow.


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